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Gourmicious chefs share their gourmet meals in each and every corner of the World. All you have to do is enter your destination and dates into the search bar to discover distinctive places to dine, anywhere in the world.

Make a Reservation

There are a few ways to reserve experiences on Gourmicious. Some chefs want to ask a few questions about you before they confirm a reservation while others prefer to manage requests by using Gourmicious Instant Book feature. We display images of listings, chefs’ profiles, and reviews to help you make a secure and confident choice. We've also created search filters so you can narrow your results by type of experience, price, and location. You can request to book a chef's dining experience by clicking the ‘Contact Chef’ or ‘Request to Reserve’ buttons, or you can use Instant Book to confirm your experience without having to wait for a chef's approval.

Payment & Confirmation

Once you make a successful payment to reserve a listing experience, we send a reservation request to the chef for the specific dates you select. The chef has the option to either accept or decline the request, or ask you questions about your reservation before making a decision. When a chef responds to your request, we send you an email to let you know. If they don't respond within 5 days or your intended date has passed, then your request simply expires. If the chef rejects your request then the payment you have made will be refunded or added to your credit account balance so that when you book the next time you will get the reduction of credit balance. The Instant Book button immediately confirms your reservation and closes the host's calendar to other incoming requests. We send you a receipt by email with your reservation details and your host may follow up with you as well to confirm. The 'Contact Chef' button lets you start a conversation about their listing and cooking style through our secure messaging system. You can use our messaging system to discuss dining details, dietary restrictions, amenities etc. All of our online payments are secure and instant. In case of Bank payments You will get a unique ID on the payment page along with the details of the Bank to which you have to make the payment. Once you have made the payment you can log in to your account and enter the details of the payment you have made for reservation. Make sure you fill the payments against the correct unique ID you have received in the Pending Bank Payments Section. Once Gourmicious confirms your payment, we will activate your reservation request, then only the dates you have selected will be blocked. The chef can still accept/reject your request. However during the time when confirming your bank payment, the date you have selected is still open for others to book. If someone else has booked your desired dates for the same experience, you can contact Gourmicious from your account, and we will credit your amount to your account.

Cancellation & Policies

You can cancel the reservation you have made in Gourmicious. Go to the My Reservations section in your account to cancel your reservation. If you have cancelled an active reservation, a percentage of the amount will be deducted from your payment as a compensation for the chef. Gourmicious has three types of cancellation policies. They are: 1) Strict (20%), 2) Moderate (15%), 3) Flexible (5%). A chef can choose their cancellation policy from these three and the percentage specified here will be deducted from your amount if you have cancelled your active reservation. In case the chef rejects your request, you will get a full refund of your money.

After Your Dining Experience

Write a review about your host and the dining space so other travelers can learn through your experience. You can write the review from the 'My Reservations' section on your account about the experience you have completed. The review posting option will be available only after your reservation expires.

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