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How to Host

If you have extra [kitchen] space which you don't have use of we recommend you to publish it in Gourmicious. You can make an earning from utilizing this opportunity and from another perspective, you are extending the comfort of your space to fellow companions.

Description, Amenities & Photos

Chefs and travellers often search for spaces that satisfies their needs, so smartly describing your facilities and dining convenience factors might attract more guests to your location. When explaining about your space, make sure you include the amenities list like WiFi, wheelchair access, parking and transportation options. Photographs help venue seekers to get an idea about your space. Make sure you upload different images, each with good resolution so that guests can have faith in your offering.

Calendar Options

Gourmicious also provides a calendar function for you to decide the dates you want to receive Guests. You can also set weekly and monthly prices if you are able to provide long stays.

Respond to Requests

As a Host it is important to make sure that you respond as soon as possible to every message or request that you receive. Gourmicious automatically calculates your response and acceptance rates from your history and we assess your overall importance based on this metric. Hosts with a high acceptance and response rating often receive priority on search results. Hosts should also make sure to accept the reservations with priority as each reservation request is important to Gourmicious. If you have trouble in keeping up with the acceptance procedures, then you can simply choose the flexible Instant Book feature.

Super Host & Badges

Based on your performance and your professional background, your can become a SuperHost or earn special badges. We assign badges manually upon verifying your professional background. To become a SuperHost, you can earn it by providing us evidences of your reputation in your local market or you can be upgraded to this status automatically.

If you consistently meet our criteria then your status automatically upgrades to SuperHost. Once you become a SuperHost, your listings will have the top priority among others on the platform and you will be considered as more trusted. Here is the list of criteria to be met in order to qualify as SuperHost:

1. Minimum acceptance rating of the host should be above or equal to 60 %.

2. Minimum response rating of the host should be above or equal to 60 %.

3. Minimum number of Experiences completed on the host listing should be above or equal to 5.

4. Minimum number of Reviews received by the host should be above or equal to 5.

5. Average rating of the host should be above or equal to 4.

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