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How to Organize Dining Experiences

Learn how to showcase your creativity and authenticity with Gourmicious

1 Tell Diners How Good You Are

Use ‘Edit Profile’ option under ‘Profile’ on the top menu to build your image and share your background and achievements as a professional or hobby chef. Some diners prefer experienced chefs while others like to try home-cooked meals. Letting them know who you are as a chef helps you find the right diners for your dining experiences.

Diners look for unique experiences with chefs they can trust. Share your story with diners by building a comprehensive profile and uploading a good image.

2Create Your Private Dining Experience(s)

Creating a dining experience with Gourmicious is easy. On your dashboard or under ‘My Account’, click on ‘Listing’ and select ‘Add New Listing’. Gourmicious interface will walk you through each steps to create your experience. When creating your experience, make sure you choose your experience type like networking, romance, fine dining and include the amenities list like WiFi, wheelchair access, parking etc. Photographs help diners to get an idea about your meal. Make sure you upload different images, each with good resolution so that guests can have faith in your offering.

Each reservation request is important. If you have trouble in keeping up with the acceptance procedures, simply choose the Instant Book feature.

3Manage your Experience(s)

Gourmicious also provides a calendar function for you to decide the dates you want to receive Guests. You can also set weekly and monthly prices if you are able to provide meals daily to your diners. You can edit an existing listing or your availability calendar for the listing by selecting ‘My Listings’ and clicking on the ‘Edit’ button next to your listing. To manage reservations, simply click on ‘My Reservations’. Use dashboard to view a summary of your listings and reservations.

4 Find [Kitchen] Spaces & Interested Diners Using Shutouts

You may love to cook but not feel comfortable to host diners at your home. Gourmicious gives you the option of offering outdoor dining experiences or finding kitchens or dining spaces to use. Use the ‘Shutout’ option to send a request for the type of space you are looking for along with your budget to all members with space listings. You can also use the search option to look for available spaces around you.

Shutouts are also used by diners who are looking for special cooking experiences and catering for events. Anytime a member sends out a shutout, all members with a meal listing are notified about it. To respond to a shutout request, simply click on reply.

5Establish Trust with Badges and Superhost Status

Diners prefer to dine with chefs they can trust. Badges help you earn this trust. If you have a certain qualification or experience, contact us with your Badge request. Upon verifying your qualifications, we will issue you badge(s) specific to your qualifications. Your badges appear under all your listings.

SuperHost is a privileged user status which not only helps to establish trust but also to earn more. SuperHost users pay less commission and their listings are prioritised.

Earn more revenue and trust with Badges and Super Host Status.

Please Note – While we manually assign Superhost status to qualified chefs with notable market reputation, this status can be achieved automatically upon meeting certain criteria. For more information, check our Guide section on ‘How to be a SuperHost’.

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