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Find out some of the terms which are used consistently on Gourmicious Platform.


Diner is the one who reserve the Meal Listing. They can choose amongst a wide number of available Meal Listings at a particular location..


The Host is the one who rents out the property or Dining space. They can add any number of spaces at any time under one account.


The Chef is the one who offers Dining Experiences. Chefs can add any number of Meal Listings (Dining Experiences) at any time under one account.

Response Rate

This is the rate which is calculated by analyzing the time taken by a host to respond for the query or reservation messages they receive. It is calculated and updated on every 10 days of activity. Response rates will be at their best if you respond to the messages within 12 hours you receive them. It will be gradually decreased for every additional 12 hours you take to respond.

Acceptance Rate

Your acceptance rate is the percentage of reservation requests you've accepted against the total requests you have received.


Reservations are bookings made by the members on a particular listing for a defined period. Members can cancel the reservation at anytime. *conditions apply.

Reservation Requests

It is an unconfirmed booking request made by a member to a lister for a particular listing.


Shutout is a request for quotation sent by a member to a bulk number of listers who have listings that match the requester's listing type. For instance, a request for a Dining Experience is received by all members who have a meal listing.

Address Verification

You can verify your listing address on request. When Admin approves your request, we will send you a letter containing a special code through post to the address you have specified for your listing. Enter that code to verify your listing address. A verified Listing will get priority on Gourmicious search engine; therefore, we recommend getting your listing verified.


WishLists let you group and store Listings/Experiences you are interested in . They are not a booking.


SuperHost is a privileged member that performs exceptionally well meeting all the requirements specified by Gourmicious.

Instant Book

Instant Book listings don't require approval from the Lister before you can book them. Instead, you can just choose your dates and discuss check-in plans with the Lister. There is no additional fee for confirming a reservation with Instant Book. You can filter your search to only view listings that are available through Instant Book.

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